Pronunciation Guide to Names
Names with the tag: france

country in western Europe
French actress
French actress
famous street in Paris
famus triumphal arch in Paris, France
city in southwest France
a wine from the Bordeaux region of France
city in France
famous street in Paris
French fashion house
French painter (1732-1806)
French fashion label
French fashion company
French fashion house
musical based on the novel by Victor Hugo
town in France
museum in Paris, France
French automobile manufacturer
River in France
city in France-- also a palace in Versailles, France
French writer
French writer and philosopher
French political and military leader (1769 - 1821)
French painter (1839-1906)
French politician and President of the French Republic
French painter (1819-1877)
French painter (1748-1825)
French author and philosopher
French painter (1834-1917)
French artist (1798-1863)
French philosopher
French fashion designer
French philosopher
French painter (1848-1903)
A French overseas department on the northern coast of South America
French painter (1780-1867)
French fashion designer
French designer of shoes
French painter (1832-1883)
French painter and sculptor (1869-1954)
French painter (1840-1926)
French painter (1841-1895)
French author (1903-1977)
French painter (1594-1665)
French author (1871 – 1922)
President of France
Tower in Paris, France
French fashion company
French winery and champagne house
French fashion designer and brand
French impressionist painter (1841-1919)