Pronunciation Guide to Names


Phonetic Pronunciation Tips

  • Pronunciations are given with an easy respelled phonetic transcription, with no notations as in dictionaries or the International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • Syllables are separated by dashes.
  • Syllables that are stressed/accented are capitalized.
    Example for Seattle: see-AT-ull
  • Syllables enclosed in quotation marks denotate a sound that is represented by a common English word. This method is used if it seems more clear or helpful than an awkward transcription.
    Example for the name Ai: "eye"
    Example for the name Knightley: "NIGHT"-lee
Search Tips
  • One or more names can be entered in the search box
    Example: Mark John Ben
  • For the pronunciation of a specific individual's name enter the full name
    Example: Karol Wojtyla
  • Multiple names can be separated by commas
    Example: Wen Jiabao, Karol Wojtyla
  • Searches are case insensitive
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