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The kutamaka.com web directory contains links to over 50 internet resources that will assist in the pronunciation of names. Organized by category.

Books and References

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[BBC] - Oxford BBC Guide To Pronunciation - The Essential Handbook of the Spoken Word, by Lena Olausson and Catherine Sangster. Oxford University Press; 2006.
ISBN: 0192807102

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[Bollard] - Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Names: Pronunciations for More Than 28,000 Proper Names, Selected for Currency, Frequency, or Difficulty of Pronunciation (Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Names), by John K. Bollard, Frank R. Abate, Katherine M. Isaacs, and Rima McKinzey. 2nd edition (June 1997).
ISBN: 0780800982

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[Elster] - The Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciations : The Complete Opinionated Guide for the Careful Speaker, by Charles Harrington Elster, Second edition, 2005
ISBN: 0-618-42315-X
This is an entertaining and helpful book with some pronunciations of commonly mispronounced people and places.

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[Longman] - Longman Pronunciation Dictionary, by J.C. Wells. Longman (23 Mar 2000).
ISBN: 0582364671

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[Kenyon] - A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English, by John S. Kenyon and Thomas A. Knott. Merriam-Webster; 2nd edition (June 1953).
ISBN: 0877790477

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[MWGD] - Merriam Webster's Geographical Dictionary, Third Edition, Merriam-Webster (2001).
ISBN: 0877795460

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[PDAN] - Pronunciation Dictionary of Artists' Names, by Art Institute of Chicago
ISBN: 082122025X

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[Fradkin] - The Well-Tempered Announcer : A Pronunciation Guide to Classical Music, Robert A. Fradkin. 1996.
ISBN: 0-253-21064-X

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[NBC] - NBC Handbook of Pronunciation, 4th Edition , Eugene Ehrlich and Raymond Hand Jr. 1991
ISBN: 0-06-273056-8

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[Norman] - A World of Baby Names, Second Edition , Teresa Norman. 2003
ISBN: 0-399-52894-6
An excellent resources for the pronunciation of first names. Contains over 30,000 from around the world.

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[Price] - Success with Asian Names -- A practical guide for business and everyday life, Fiona Swee-Lin Price. 2007
ISBN-10: 1-85788-378-0
A helpful book about Asian names in general, including some pronunciation tips. It is not a pronouncing dictionary. Here is an excerpt from the introduction:
Part one provides background information on Asian names, contrasting the languages and Asian cultures from which they are derived with the language and cultures of English-speaking countries...
Part two gives the reader detailed information on names from 14 specific Asian languages. Each chapter begins with general background on naming customs in a specific language, providing examples of typical names, information about how names from that culture might be Westernized, and practical advice on pronunciation, how to address people...

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[Mackey] - Pronunciation of 10,000 Proper Names: Giving Famous Geographical and Biographical Names, Names of Books, Works of Art, Characters in Fiction, Foreign Titles, etc , Mary Stuart Mackey and Maryette Goodwin Mackey. 1922
ISBN-10: 1558889183
This book was published in 1922 (with a reprint in 1990). It is now in the public domain and Google has it online at books.google.com--