Pronunciation Guide to Names

Pronunciation Guide to Coffee & Related Stuff

Types of Coffee Drinks

  • café,caffé - coffee, espresso
  • espresso - a strong coffee brewed by forcing hot water under pressure through fine coffee grounds
  • cappuccino - a 5-6 oz drink consisting of a shot of espresso with steamed milk and foam
  • latté - an espresso drink, but with more milk than a cappucino
  • américano - espresso diluted with hot water
  • mocha - a variant of a latté with chocolate added
  • macchiato - espresso with a dollop of hot, foamed milk
  • café au lait - coffee with milk-- similar to a latté, but made with strong coffee not espresso

Starbucks Terms

  • Frappuccino® - Starbucks brand of a coffee drink blended with ice
  • Tazo® - brand of tea
  • Grande - 16 ounce, medium size
  • Venti - 20 ounce, large size


  • Chai - tea
  • Arabica - a superior grade of coffee beans
  • barista - the server behind the counter at a coffee bar
Note: some of these names are Anglicized versions of Italian words. The pronunciations given here are, as best as I can determine, the common usage in American English. I have not tried to reproduce pronunciations with Italian accents.