Pronunciation Guide to Names

Pronunciation Guide to Greek Food


  • Dolmades - grape leaves stuffed with rice, meat, spices

Main Dishes

  • Gyro - A Greek fast food-- a pita sandwich with roasted meat.
  • Souvlaki - skewered marinated meat (pork, chicken, beef, lamb)
  • Moussaka - casserole layered with eggplant, potatoes, cheese, and ground beef
  • Pastitsio - macaroni layered with cheese and meat
  • Spanakopita - spinach and feta cheese between filo dough
  • Tiropeta - Filo triangles stuffed with cheese and spices


  • Baklava - layers of filo dough with nuts, spices, and honey syrup
  • Loukoumades - deep fried pastry balls soaked in a honey syrup
  • Paximadia - cookies similar to Italian biscotti
  • Vasilopita - traditional New Years Day bread
  • Kourambiedes - buttery almond cookies covered with powdered sugar
  • Koulourakia - butter cookies


  • Retsina - a white wine flavored with pine resin
  • Ouzo - an anise flavored alchoholic beverage


  • Feta - a brined curd cheese
  • Kalamata - Greek olives, preserved in vinegar or olive oil
  • Tzatziki - yogurt, cucumber sauce
  • Hummus - spread made from mashed chick peas
  • Filo, Phyllo - very thin pastry dough

Note: some of these names are 'anglicized' variants of Greek words. The pronunciations given here are, as best as I can determine, the common usage in American English. I have not tried to reproduce pronunciations with Greek accents.

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