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Papua New Guinea
country in the western Pacific

Name: Papua New Guinea
Phonetic Pronunciation: PA-pyoo-uh noo GIH-nee
Audio Pronunciation:

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There seem to be a variety of view as to how to correctly pronounce Papua. Are there 2 or 3 syllables? Does the first syllable rhyme with "tap" or "top"?

Oxford BBC Guide To Pronunciation specifies 2 syllables: PAP-wuh

Pronouncing Dictionary of Proper Names (Bollard) gives two pronunciations: PAHP-uh-wuh and PAP-yuh-wuh

Merriam Webster's Geographical Dictionary and NBC Handbook of Pronunciation both give: PA-pyoo-uh

A helpful inogolo visitor who spent time in Papual New Guinea described the pronunciation as: PAHP-wuh